EFM - Ethernet First Mile

  • EFM gives you more bandwidth and greater reliability than standard broadband.
  • Upload speeds as fast as download speeds for great VoIP and cloud performance.
  • Dedicated account manager ensures you always have the best rates.
  • UK-based support team will answer your call within 5 rings or less.

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Why choose Swift Communications for EFM?

Outgrown ADSL or SDSL but don’t have access to fibre? Ethernet First Mile can meet your growing bandwidth needs with upload speeds just as fast as download speeds. Get the bandwidth a productive business demands to ensure seamless VoIP, video conferencing, and cloud service performance with a fast, resilient connection that isn’t shared with anyone else.

What does Ethernet First Mile offer for your business?
  • Uncontended bandwidth: Need more bandwidth? EFM gives you a cost-effective way to get a fast and resilient broadband connection for your business. Your dedicated connection isn’t shared with other customers so there’s no slow down during busy times.
  • Upload as fast as you download: EFM gives you symmetrical bandwidth, which means you can upload as fast as you download. This is great for businesses that need considerable two-way bandwidth for applications like VoIP calls, video conferencing, uploading content to web servers, and using cloud services.
  • Painless upgrade path: EFM is an ideal replacement for ADSL, and gives you a clear upgrade path should you require more bandwidth in the future. Plus, why not harness EFM technology for other networking solutions, such as IPVPN or Business VoIP?
  • Resilient: EFM can be delivered over two or four copper pairs, providing an inherently resilient service. This assures business continuity in the unlikely event of a disaster – should one pair fail, service will continue on the other pair, ensuring your service is never lost.
  • Cost-effective and flexible: EFM lets you use as much available bandwidth as you need without any extra charges. EFM is an ideal halfway-house if you require more bandwidth, but not quite as much as Next Generation Ethernet (up to 1Gbps).
  • Extensive and increasing UK coverage: There is a high likelihood that your business can take advantage of EFM.
  • Setup is a cinch: We provide a free, pre-configured Cisco router with all our EFM services so there’s no hassle of setting up your broadband connection. It’s all ready to work straight out the box.

Keen to get started? Pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll listen carefully to your needs, analyse your requirements, and put together a EFM package that’s just right for your business. We also happily match or beat any competitor’s offer.

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We operate on one of the largest business-only broadband networks in the UK. We only deal with business customers so we can provide the level of tailored support that business owners expect.

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Every Swift Communications customer gets a dedicated, proactive account manager who will oversee every aspect of your account. This means not only will you get the right EFM broadband package when you switch, we’ll ensure you’re always getting the best rates with the right technology for your business.

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We know you’ve got a business to run, and the last thing you want to do is sit around waiting on hold. When you call us we will always answer your call within 5 rings or less. Our support team know all our products inside and out, and if there’s a query or fault that needs chasing up, we’ll do it for you. We’re available 24/7 by phone, livechat and email.

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