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  • Host mobile conference calls for your business with a simple app.
  • Participants simply have to call your number; no pins, no hassle.
  • A dedicated account manager ensures you always have the best solutions.
  • UK-based support team will answer your call within 5 rings or less.

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Mobile Conference

Why choose Swift Communications for mobile conference calling?

Setting up conference calls used to be a hassle: dedicated call-in numbers, passwords, and pin codes. Now the Just Call Me app makes it a breeze to set up conference calls on the go. Participants simply call your number at the appropriate time and… that’s it. Easy.

The Just Call Me app makes mobile conference calls simple
  • Simple setup: Set the date and time in the app, invite people, and all they have to do is dial your mobile number to join. Only you need the app, no one else.
  • Always available: Arrange as many conference calls as you need, and host them from your mobile device at any location. Multitasker? Manage more than one call at the same time.
  • Multi platform: Available for iOS and Android.
  • Stay organised: Use the app to organise and schedule your calls, and set alerts so you always know what's coming up.
  • Stay in sync: The app syncs with your calendar. Choose your contacts and instantly invite them and set up the call.
  • You’re in control: Lock a call to prevent anyone else from joining. Mute, muffle or remove participants during a call. You have complete control and security.

Curious about what other communications solutions can improve your business productivity and availability? We help businesses big and small with their telecommunication needs, and would love to evaluate your requirements and put together a package that’s just right for your business. Call us today to get started.

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Every Swift Communications customer gets a dedicated, proactive account manager who will oversee every aspect of your account. This means not only will you get great solutions like our mobile conferencing calling app, you’ll get a telecommunications partner for your business that can provide advice on everything from business broadband to the best value mobile plans, to cloud services and the latest VoIP products.

We happily review your current expenditure and point out where you can save money or deploy new technology to make your business more productive and efficient.

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We know you’ve got a business to run, and the last thing you want to do is sit around waiting on hold. When you call us we will always answer your call within 5 rings or less. Our support team know all our products inside and out, and if there’s a query or fault that needs chasing up, we’ll do it for you. We’re available 24/7 by phone, livechat and email.

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