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Business Broadband Increasing productivity with business broadband - With many companies heavily reliant on the Internet for everything from emails to e-commerce, file sharing to customer service over social media, the reliance on a reliable, efficient broadband connection has never been greater. Bold claims by broadband providers may lead you to believe that you’re already on the best package for you, with the highest speed access your business can take advantage of. We’ve come to find, however, that this often isn’t the case. Many of our customers have been surprised to understand just how much more they could be getting from their business broadband, and the benefits this can bring.
Gamma Logo Gamma Ceasing Communicator – Say Hello to Gamma Horizon - Gamma Communications have announced that they will be ceasing support for their Communicator hosted VoIP service. Any business customer still on Gamma’s Communicator hosted VoIP platform after the turn of the year will find that their service will no longer function in the new year. This leaves customer a 3-month timeframe to plan accordingly for their services to be migrated onto an alternative solution with a keen recommendation of migrating onto Gamma’s Horizon Business VoIP solution.
iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 – Love it or Hate it? - Here at Swift Communications we’re avid fans of all things Apple. But how do you keep up with the latest releases each year, and is it all really worth the hype? The Apple iPhone 7 has been hugely anticipated – will it have a new camera? Will it be more efficient? How will it look? These questions were seemingly answered at the recent launch in San Francisco, but the question remains – does it meet expectations? From our perspective, both yes and no.

Business VoIP Phone Business VoIP – Why should my business migrate? - Plenty of businesses are feeling the pinch these days and are unable to generate the required budget to replace their degrading telephone system. They may be finding that replacing/repairing their legacy equipment is becoming ever more difficult and in turn more expensive each time. This makes choosing Business VoIP a perfect solution as it requires little, to no, upfront outlay compared to purchasing a new traditional telephone system.
5G Rollout The road to 5G – Is your business ready for next generation speeds? - It seems like only 5 minutes ago we were all getting excited about the prospect of 4G and what it meant for mobile usage across the UK: improved mobile web access, video conferencing, high-definition mobile TV and more. The development of 5G, however looks set to revolutionise the telecommunications industry once again, and transform the way you use your business mobile phone. Flexibility, user experience and efficiency have all been declared as the new standard for 5G, so the team at Swift Communications have spent some time researching what it actually means for our customers.
Business VoIP PSTN & ISDN Planned Switch Off – Could this affect your Business? - BT has recently announced that by 2025 all of its clients will be moved from PTSN and ISDN lines to its IP network. This development presents challenges for business telephone systems.

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